Rhondda Greig




  • Noa's Calf

A picture book without words in which Noa is fascinated one day when he notices a cow on the farm that is bigger than all the others. One morning he runs down to visit his cow and finds that she is giving birth. (Mallinson Rendel, Wellington 2009)


  • Matarawa Cats

Now a New Zealand classic this is a children’s picture book of cats, in fourteen mesmeric portraits, with verse. It was a Diploma winner in the Noma Concours for children’s illustration in Japan. (Hodder & Stoughton 1984)



  • Matarawa House

Looking for an adventure for the longest day of the year, Sophie and Tom go exploring. What they discover turns the calm of Matarawa House into chaos and causes the hidden creatures, which also live there, to reveal themselves. (Hazard Press 1991)


  • Eavesdropping with Angels

Greig’s first published collection of poetry illustrated with six of her brush-and-ink drawings. (Hazard Press 1994).